Navien Tankless Water Heater

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Navien Tankless Water Heaters

Install • Repair • Maintenance

Known as one of the top Navien Tankless Premier Dealer Specialists, Koz Heating & Cooling will install, repair, replace or descale your Navien Tankless Water Heater.

The Navien Tankless Water Heaters are some of the greatest on the market today, replacing inefficient tank heaters, they provide a continuous supply of hot water, and they use about as much energy as a light bulb. Navien tankless gas water heaters are well-known for their reliability and efficiency.

  • Tankless Heater Installations
  • Tankless Repairs & Service
  • Tankless Descale & Flushing
  • Residential Boilers/Combi Boilers
  • Commercial Boilers/Combi Boilers
  • Filter Cleaning/Replacement

Tankless Water Heater Installer in Southeast, MI

If your hot water tank is aged and you’re considering a replacement, call Koz Heating & Cooling to provide the most up to date options that best fit your needs.

The choice of water heaters should be preceded by a comprehensive analysis of all the options: tank vs. tankless, and gas vs. electric.

Koz Heating & Cooling will answer any questions you may have about switching from a traditional Hot Water Tank to a Navien Tankless Hot Water Heater, and we will offer recommendations based on your individual needs, while aiming to keep our prices reasonable and affordable. Koz Heating & Cooling is eager to provide technical advice to make your project successful.

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance in Southeast, MI

Navien tankless water heaters have a lifespan of up to 20 years or more. That is double what a traditional hot water heater’s lifespan is. However, proper maintenance is required in order to achieve this lifespan.

Every appliance that uses water collects scale (calcium and lime build-up), including your tankless water heater.

To maximize your tankless water heater's performance and service life, it's important to regularly clean or replace the water filter, clean the air filter (for gas units), and descale and flush the system.

Not descaling the unit can cause a clog and may prevent normal heating activity. Your hot water could also fluctuate and overheat the system, impacting its efficiency.

Koz Heating & Cooling will perform a yearly descale to help maintain the life expectancy of the unit.

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