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Shelby Township is an even balance of developed and rural areas, the perfect place to live if you like open spaces, but easy access to major thoroughfares, retailers, and a wide variety of dining. The 13th largest city in Southeast Michigan by population, Shelby Township boasts multiple nature parks for seniors and for children and even a barrier-free park to accommodate the less able. There’s also miles of hiking trails, a dog parks, a disc golf course, and a wide range of services for seniors. It’s a growing area, with a steady annual influx of new residents and businesses.

But, like the rest of Michigan, it’s an area that needs reliable HVAC service. That’s where our family-owned Furnace repair business in Sterling Heights comes in.

Koz Heating & Cooling knows Shelby Township well. After all, we’ve been taking care of the heating and cooling needs of homeowners and businesses there for over 12 years. If you live or work in Shelby, you’ve likely seen our colorful trucks. Now, we’ll convince you to call the number on the side.

Call Koz Heating and Cooling for Reasonable AC & Heating Repair Rates in Shelby Township

As small business owners with busy families ourselves, we understand how a broken heating or AC system can disrupt your day, let alone your budget. We are sensitive to that and work hard to provide affordable HVAC repair to those in Sterling Heights. That’s we continually evaluate our purchasing and our processes with an eye to both quality and budget. This allows us to provide furnace and boiler replacements at competitive rates as well.

Shelby Township’s Choice for Water Heater Repair and Replacement

While furnace and air conditioning repair and installation are our mainline—both residential and commercial—we are also water heater repair and installation experts. While Koz Heating and Cooling repairs all brands and types of water heaters, we are proud to be certified a Navien Service Specialist. That means we’re specially qualified to sell, install and service Navien—one of the most reliable, highly-regarded tankless water heater brands.

Tankless Water Heating is a Great Solution for Many Shelby Township Families

When it’s time to say good-bye to your standard water heater in Shelby Township , don’t just replace it without first considering the benefits of tankless water heating. Also called ‘on demand’ water heaters, going tankless offers the following benefits:

  1. Energy use is reduced because water is heated on demand as it is needed
  2. Smaller tankless systems are wall mounted, freeing up space otherwise needed for a traditional tank
  3. Tankless systems provide an endless supply of hot water

If you have a large family or love to take long showers, you’ll understand why tankless water heaters are so popular in Sterling Heights. Making the switch does cost more than installing another tanked water heater, but the energy savings and the longer life of tankless systems more than make up for that difference.

Trust Koz Heating and Cooling to Install and Maintain Your Furnace and AC

In Shelby Township, we are often asked what the most important things are when it comes to getting the most from one’s heating and cooling systems.

A good AC or furnace installation is essential. Even the best equipment cannot perform optimally if not correctly installed. The second most important thing is adhering to HVAC maintenance schedules. Shelby township residents and businesses will get more energy-efficient performance, avoid breakdowns, and enjoy longer system life with regular tune-ups.

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